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Black Candles Burn, All Minds Aligned


via Black Candles Burn, All Minds Aligned

by Aleister Nacht; an excerpt

Receive, Consume, Digest, Defecate

“I followed the labor pangs of Infestissumam through contacts in Nashville, Tennessee although it was not praise. Having solicited vocalists to provide backing vocals, singing psalms for Satan in the “bible belt” was met with an overall rejection from all offers, including a quasi-ban through the local musicians union. The project backing vocals were provided later in Los Angeles; the City of Angels will never say “No” to money, regardless of the subject matter. Then came the issue of pressing the recording to be distributed. The problem being most manufacture of vinyl and CDs is accomplished by a limited number of companies; again located in and around the Nashville area. Who said the media is controlled by “the few”? Once released, the album substantiated Ghost as a band “who could go the distance”.
Fast forward to 2017 and we see the results of ego and avarice; the vital ingredients which actually created a sound like no other and propelled Ghost during the rise from Linköping to a place in music history, including a Grammy Award. Whether this was a band collaboration or one person’s vision, it required the work and contribution of many. The question will be answered in the courts, penance paid as prescribed, and the mystique of Ghost…..lost forever. To me, this is the real tragedy of the situation. It is almost a betrayal of all the fans, similar to the first time seeing Kiss without makeup and the fallout of the band members conducted in the public forum. Perhaps the human love and worship of “Mummy Dust” is ultimately to blame however, everything changes and all things ultimately become history.”

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